Dalchem specialises in mould making, model making, and pattern making and casting materials. They supply a wide range of products, throughout Australasia. They also provide ancillary items associated with mould making, model making and the special effects industry, such as adhesives and glues.

Adhesive glue is widely used in many industries, from hobby and craft, through to highly technical industrial and automotive sectors. Dalchem adhesives are versatile. They have an almost limitless range of applications.

The range of adhesives is perfect for model making and hobbyists because they are durable, shock resistant and versatile. For speed, the adhesives contain accelerators, which make bonding instant. The glues are suitable for use in plastic, wood, metal and fibreglass.

At Dalchem you can be sure to find a team member who can offer good advice with your hobby or application need. They can arrange the supply of adhesives and glues anywhere in Australia or New Zealand.