With Daikin i-text, your mobile is now your remote control. Now you can arrive home to perfect air conditioned comfort, simply by using your mobile phone. i-text is the latest advance in Daikin technology that allows you to switch your ducted air conditioning on or off, select your desired temperature or check current settings, all via text message. For your peace of mind, it then texts you back to confirm your instructions have been carried out (subject to GSM coverage).

The i-text adapter can be easily installed into new or most existing Daikin ducted air conditioning systems. This technology then makes it possible to simply send a message from your mobile and control your ducted air conditioner. (The end user is responsible for the SIM card contract with his/her chosen telecommunications provider.)

i-text lets you keep an eye on your Daikin's settings. It is especially handy if there is someone left in the house who doesn’t know how to operate your air conditioning unit; or if you've left the house and forgotten whether you've turned it off or not.

You can always walk into your home and know the temperature will be perfect. Instead of waiting until you get home to turn the air conditioner on, send a text message from your mobile and your Daikin with i-text will respond instantly.

In the unlikely event of a malfunction occurring while you're out, a message will be sent to your mobile displaying an error code. This will allow you to have the problem diagnosed and rectified much quicker.