A growing demand for its air conditioning systems has led SA-based Dadanco to form a joint venture with a leading US company.

The new agreement between Dadanco and Mestek Inc will be headed up by Dadanco’s founder and former CEO Vladimir Petrovic.

Dan Cole has been appointed CEO of Dadanco’s Australian operations.

Founded ten years ago, Dadanco has enjoyed dramatic growth due to its patented and innovative nozzle system for moving air within air conditioning systems and buildings.

The technology has seen savings of up to 50% in the cost of running air conditioning systems and dramatically improved the flow of air within buildings.

Mestek consists of a family of 30 specialty manufacturing companies providing heating, ventilating and air conditioning products, coil handling equipment and computer control products.

The joint venture headquarters will be in Westfield, Massachusetts.

Petrovic said that in addition to having a comprehensive and complementary range of products and services associated with air conditioning, Mestek has the resources and networks to speed the uptake of Dadanco products into the rapidly growing energy conscious US air conditioning market.

“While we have enjoyed some success on our own in this highly competitive and large market, the input of Mestek and its US networks will allow us to grow much faster and take advantage of a marketplace which is rapidly awakening to the advantages and benefits of Dadanco’s “green” technology,” he said.

Dadanco technology, which has been recognised in the scientific community and granted world-wide patents, was developed at the University of Adelaide by the company’s founders and continuing shareholders, Petrovic and Professor Sam Luxton, to solve noise and capacity problems in perimeter air conditioning systems that are installed in thousands of commercial buildings around Australia and the world.