An ingenious new induction plenum style of diffuser, known as Inffuser, which can increase air distribution from existing air conditioning systems by up to 400 percent has been released by Dadanco.

The Inffuser type induction Plenum diffusers provide a drop-in, cost-effective solution to air-conditioning problems affecting existing in-house systems. The product is also well suited to new installations where it can be used to reduce design air and fan operating power requirements.

The Inffuser series of induction plenum diffusers are the latest use of the company’s revolutionary nozzle technology that substantially improves the performance of induction air conditioning systems. “Fitted to the Inffuser range, the nozzles boost entrainment of secondary air by 100 percent or more effectively doubling the room air change rate and greatly improving indoor air quality,” says Vladimir Petrovic, Dadanco’s managing director. “By replacing existing diffusers with Dadanco Inffusers, building managers can improve airflow by up to 400 percent and improve IAQ with very low capital expenditure and alteration to buildings and offices.”

Petrovic says a classic situation facing contractors is where the infrastructure of an in-house system is sound and in good working order but is not dealing with current space loads because of old technology at the air distribution end. In the past this may have been dealt with by ripping out the system and installing a completely new one, which is an expensive and time-consuming exercise - “Dadanco Inffuser technology uses the existing infrastructure to feed the high-efficiency induction plenum diffuser units to increase entrainment of secondary air and reduce the demand on the supply system without changing the existing ductwork or fans.”

Source: Building Products News.