Cydonia The Glass Studio was the dream of Sergio Redegalli. The studio was established by the artist back in 1986 and is now one of the biggest and best equipped studios of its kind.

Cydonia believe that the entrance door to a home or a business makes an important statement about the personality, identity and style of the people behind it.

Cydonia can use glass with a combination of other materials such as timber and metal to create a door that is as individual as its owner.

Most window frames can be fitted with Cydonia glass. These include fixed panels, sashless double hung, awnings and louvers. Windows made from textured glass not only look good but they also offer privacy to the occupant.

Cydonia windows will definitely add beauty and value to a home or business property.

Glass flooring can transmit light from another space, carry light down through a multi level building and reinvent a dark terrace house into a light and spacious living space. It is also important to remember that Cydonia glass floors require a support structure that has been engineered to carry the required weight.