Cydonia The Glass Studio is a dynamic and innovative glass studio which has its head quarters, design area and main workshop in the culturally diverse suburb of Newtown in Sydney.

Cydonia recognised that glass was the ideal material to use when designing splashbacks because it is easy to clean and low maintenance. Cydonia splashbacks are suitable for kitchens and bathrooms. A cut out is used to produce these splashbacks to the correct specification taking into account existing power points, appliances, plumbing and cupboards.

Cydonia can also offer their clients painted glass splashbacks. These are high quality and long lasting.

Glass is non-porous and non-staining making it the perfect material to use in benchtops and tabletops. Floating surfaces can also be achieved using glass which is pinned down above a secondary surface. This is not only visually effective but practical too as the glass protects the surface below.

Glass is also one of the strongest of building materials. It is harder than marble and granite which are also more prone to scratching. Cydonia can design a benchtop that is not only aesthetically pleasing but practical too.

Textural glass tiles
Cydonia's range of textural glass tiles are typically used to decorate bathrooms. They can be cut to specific sizings ranging from match box size through to a panel larger than a standard tile.

Cydonia use a number of different techniques, for example copper fusing and painting, to create a variety of distinctive bathroom tiles.