The gardening tools from Cyclone Industries are available in a number of categories that include digging tools, lawn maintenance tools, hand tools, felling tools, access, cultivating tools, picks, mattocks and pruning tools.

Cyclone Industries offers a variety of digging tools that include spades, shoves, princers, specialist augers and various bars. Cyclone Industries provides shifting/square mouth shovels to move materials on hard surfaces, like sand and concrete. The shovels from Cyclone Industries have long handles which provides greater reach and leverage, these handles are made from timber to have greater strength and durability.

Cyclone Industries provides different varieties of cultivating tools such as forks, hoes, rakes and cultivators. These tools are perfect for improving the state of garden beds, breaking up soil, removing weeds and levelling.

The forks from Cyclone Industries are made in a special way. Every fork head is roll forged from one particular piece of high carbon steel. Each tine of the fork is then drawn individually to its required shape and taper which makes the fork head very strong without any joints or welds.