Cyclo Fans (Aust)  has sixty one years of experience in the fan industry and it specialises in the manufacture of commercial kitchen fans that are efficient as well as durable. Cyclo Fans (Aust) manufactures a variety of fans which include supply air fans, flame proof fans, vertical exhaust fans and axial exhaust fans. The fans are supplied with flanges for trouble-free installation and require minimum effort for maintenance and repairs.

Cyclo Fans (Aust) manufactures vertical exhaust fans including the Type V fans, which are designed particularly to meet the EPA requirements for vertical exhaust configuration and low pollution. The Type V fans have mixed flow type impellers, which have a combination of centrifugal design features and axial flows.

The centrifugal behaviour of the impellers generates high pressure characteristics, enables stability of flows and allows the fans to be used at lower speed without much noise. Vertical exhaust fans are available in different sizes ranging from 225 mm to 610mm. The fans can be custom made into powder coated or galvanised finishes. The vertical exhaust fans from Cyclo Fans (Aust) are available on short delivery and are supplied in phases.