Custom Lighting  provides a complete range of energy saving lightings and lamps which not only save the energy but also generate more business and earn reputation to the company. Custom Lighting takes care to use energy saving products at customers’ places like energy saving lamps and lightings. These lighting and lamps are great alternatives to downlights because these create both character and personality. These lights and lamps also save thermal energy and thus, reduce the energy consumption.

Custom Lighting takes care that ceiling flush mounts or pendants should be used as per the ceiling height of bedroom. The ceiling flushes or pendants can be used in conjunction with lamps that are energy saving. Energy saving wall lights or table lamps can also be used as reading lights on either side of the bed. Custom Lighting also ensures that 12 volt downlights are used with lamps. In bathrooms ceiling flush mounts can be used with energy saving lamps. The entry or passage area can also be beautified by using energy saving lamps. The lounge are can be decorated using beautiful fittings that are surface mounted namely pendants and ceiling flush mounts.

A c complete range of energy saving downlights, pendants, wall and ceiling lights is offered by Custom Lighting. In architectural range many products with beautiful architectural designs are also available at Custom Lighting.