Custom Glass & Fittings  has been providing architectural glass products to the commercial construction markets since 1997. Custom Glass & Fittings specialises in high end architectural glass products, stainless steel fittings and performance glass products. Custom Glass & Fittings are well-known among Australian builders.

Glass and stainless steel and their allied products are in demand. The glass products supplied by Custom Glass & Fittings are heat soaked, toughened as well as laminated. The glass at Custom Glass & Fittings is manufactured according to Australian standards. Each product is thoroughly checked for delamination, deterioration of coating, peeling, etc.

The stainless steel division of Custom Glass & Fittings produces a complete package in terms of frame less entries, planar facades and balustrade systems. These fittings are made of high quality steels. The finishing is carried out in three different stages. The stainless steel components supplied by Custom Glass & Fittings vary from simple to complex angled fittings.

Custom Glass & Fittings also offers a range of stainless steel component. These include features like articulated glass fittings, sun shade brackets, angle plates, fin shoes and fin assemblies, spider fittings, glass clamps and balustrade posts.