RAILduct, a cable protection system from Cubis Systems was selected for use in the new Pakenham Rail Stabling Yard development servicing Melbourne’s eastern suburbs rail corridor. With multiple advantages including strength, secure design and ease of installation, RAILduct addressed lighting and communication cable installations over culverts/road crossings with minimal ground coverage.


The solution needed to address lighting and communication cable installation requirements, overcome shallow burying conditions where standard burying methods could not be utilised, and work within a restricted project timeline. A complete supply package was also required for streamlined installation and successful project completion.


The RAILduct system with a Class A load rating and internal dimensions of 1020L x 236W x 200D mm was selected for the Pakenham project, with Cubis’ scope encompassing cabling protection and a variety of communication access pits for the 36-hectare site. A variety of custom Cubis precast concrete pits were also supplied to the Pakenham rail project ranging from 1000L x 600W x 1200D mm to 2200L x 2100W x 2000D mm.

Project outcomes

By effectively navigating the priorities and challenges of the project, Cubis’ RAILduct system provided a successful solution in addressing lighting and communication cable requirements across the Pakenham Rail Stabling Yard site.

The lightweight Class A modular troughing system required no mechanical lifting, with each 1-metre section rapidly assembled into position on site manually by a small crew. Additionally, the lightweight yet robust structure of the RAILduct system eliminated possible health and safety risks associated with heavy lifting.

RAILduct also provided superior asset protection with interlocking tamper-proof covers, as well as a secure twist and locking mechanism for assembly. All installation requirements, including excavation, assembly and backfill, were completed within hours using only standard power tools and no specialist labour or equipment.

RAILduct’s lightweight, sturdy and secure design provided exclusive cabling protection for the Pakenham Rail Stabling Yard project, reinforcing the system’s versatile application in rail, power and highway projects. Additionally, the timely delivery of eight larger bespoke concrete pits to the Pakenham Rail Stabling Yard highlighted Cubis’ ability to create customised products despite the tight timeframes for delivery and project completion.

Together, Cubis was able to successfully deliver on the project requirements when customisation, timely completion and complete package supply were the top priorities. Manufacturer capacity and design improvements provided a superior pit solution. By utilising the flexibility, ease of installation and unique security features of Cubis’ RAILduct system, the project challenges were efficiently overcome to provide an all-round solution for the Pakenham Rail Stabling Yard project.