The aesthetic appeal and safety features of CTA Australia 's SureSteel tactile ground surface indicators (TGSI) was a major consideration for the Buchan Group for the Lifestyle Complex in South Melbourne.

The $100 million development boasts a number of state of the art features, popular stores and facilities, with aesthetics playing an intrinsic role in the project.

Trevor Meakin, an associate of the Buchan Group, turned his sights to CTA Australia's SureSteel stainless tactile indicators in order to enhance the complex's look and feel of the environment.

According to Meakin, the SureSteel range worked well with existing materials of stone and timber substrates. The individual dots and strips were an attractive feature and the product would stand heavy duty traffic.

Key benefits of the SureSteel stainless steel tactile indicators are:
  • distinct design and installation technique
  • anti-slip rating
  • quick and effective to install
  • ability to walk on newly installed tactile indicators immediately