CTA Australia , specialists in the manufacture and installation of access and mobility tactiles, have supplied SureSteel tactiles to the new American Express building at Sydney’s King Street Wharf. A mix of glass, precast concrete, operable louvres, and orange blades extend to the full height of the building.

SureSteel tactiles, located at the top and foot of steps leading in and out of the building, ensure safety and accessibility, and also enhance the aesthetics of the building. The CTA SureSteel tactiles, installed at the new American Express building, feature a stepped side face and a concentric ring top surface.

SureSteel tactiles have an anti-slip safety rating of R13, as tested by the CSIRO. SureSteel tactiles comply with the Building Code of Australia and meet all aspects of the Australian Standard: Design for Access and Mobility - AS1428.4:2002. SureSteel tactiles are manufactured from one solid piece of 316 stainless steel. The tactile head does not detach from the anchoring sprigot.