A pre-engineered packaged wastewater headworks system combining screening, grit removal and grit washing into one integrated system is being introduced to Australia by CST Wastewater Solutions .

The PISTA WORKS headworks package is the latest innovation from Smith & Loveless, a world leader in municipal, government and industrial wastewater technology represented in Australia by CST Wastewater Solutions.

The wastewater headworks system package includes the PISTA wastewater grit removal chamber, which extracts 95% of grit as small as 100 microns,

The complete system is pre-assembled and shipped directly to the job site, helping to reduce field-installation costs while allowing for a compact footprint.

Equipment components are manufactured from stainless steel and utilise numerous patented technologies including world-class grit removal technologies PISTA 360 with V-Force Baffle, S&L Turbo Grit Pump and the PISTA TURBO Grit Washer featuring Tri-Cleanse Technology.

Also included in the wastewater headworks package:

  • Flanged connections
  • 5 mm fine auger screen
  • Manual bypass bar screen
  • Two platforms for easy equipment access; and
  • Epoxy-coasted carbon steel skid support for the complete system with concrete fill
Additionally, the system is also supplied with a PLC-based control system that features a touch screen, color HMI interface and panel that operates the entire system.