Gyprock continues its cornice range expansion with the introduction of two stylish new profiles.

Gyprock Aria is a smooth, streamlined profile with clean, elegant lines that provides simple, contemporary elegance for any room. Aria gives designers and homeowners a modern alternative to standard Cove cornice for a modest upgrade investment.

Gyprock Alto takes contemporary elegance a step further with extra detail for added style. Alto joins the Gyprock Inspirations Range of cornice profiles, each designed to give a new dimension of style and detail.

Renee Bailey, Gyprock product manager, believes that the reinvigoration of the Gyprock cornice range will help drive the resurgence in the use of inspirational cornices in modern homes.

“People are taking a fresh look at cornice as an integral part of their style choice. The Gyprock cornice range provides profiles that are designed to make a subtle or dramatic style statement," said Ms Bailey.

“We closely monitor style trends to ensure that our range meets the design needs of the market. Aria and Alto were the result of targeted consumer research and both profiles were very well received in the initial product trials.”

Gone are the days where cornice was a ‘whole of house’ decision. Modern home design allows for special areas and rooms or even entry foyers to use cornice to help make a strong style statement with simpler cornice styles in more functional utility rooms and bedrooms.

“As Aria and Alto draw from the same design cues, each would complement the other if they were both used in the same home," she adds.

Gyprock is Australia’s leading plasterboard manufacturer and whether installed by a professional tradesperson or by a homeowner, following our simple DIY guides, Gyprock cornices are backed by our Manufactured For Life Warranty.