Leading Australian plasterboard specialist CSR Gyprock introduces a revolutionary development in plasterboard with the new and improved Supaceil featuring Optimised Core technology.

The next generation plasterboard enabled by Optimised Core technology from Gyprock provides balanced improvements with the advanced performance-to-weight ratio translating into greater breaking strength in a substantially lighter board in addition to exceeding the performance requirements of Australian Standard AS2588.

Supaceil plasterboard was introduced in 1991 by Gyprock, revolutionising the Australian plasterboard industry by delivering the first 10mm ceiling board with the ability to span to 600mm centres by incorporating glass fibre to reinforce the core.

The continuously evolving Supaceil range now incorporates Optimised Core technology, which combined with the use of a stronger, thicker face paper, delivers substantial performance benefits including better breaking strength for improved handling performance; lightweight construction for easier lifting leading to better sheet manoeuvrability and improved flex; improved face appearance with the increased uniformity helping to achieve a more professional finish; significantly improved score and snap for crisp edges and cleaner cuts; and glass fibre reinforcement to span 600mm.

Optimised Core technology additionally assists with the desired distribution of strength throughout the core of the plasterboard, by manipulating the characteristics of the mix at the mixing phase, focusing density at the face of the board with a less dense structure throughout the rest of the core.

Supaceil ceiling plasterboards with Optimised Core technology have been extensively tested across Australia with consistently positive feedback from plasterboard installers.