Leading Australian plasterboard manufacturer CSR Gyprock has introduced an improved range of plasterboard products in a stronger and lighter package.

Representing a new standard in residential 10mm plasterboard, the new Gyprock Plus features Gyprock’s revolutionary Optimised Core technology and a thicker, stronger face paper. Optimised Core is the next major manufacturing technology advancement from Gyprock, following the launch of its Controlled Density technology in 1992.

A cutting-edge development for today’s industry, the Optimised Core technology enables an advanced performance-to-weight ratio for plasterboard, which means greater breaking strength can be achieved in a substantially lighter board. The newly enhanced plasterboard also exceeds the performance requirements of Australian Standard AS2588.

The innovative Optimised Core technology was launched in 2014 through Gyprock Supaceil, which is part of Gyprock’s standard range of premium residential plasterboards designed for ceiling applications. This technology has now been incorporated into Gyprock’s popular 10mm board as part of its continuously evolving standard plasterboard range.

Australia’s preferred choice for residential applications in standard installations for over 60 years, Gyprock’s 10mm standard plasterboard has now been enhanced with the inclusion of Optimised Core technology. The new Gyprock Plus delivers several advantages with the stronger and lighter plasterboard allowing significantly better manoeuvrability, lifting and handling during installation.

Gyprock Plus is more robust with better breaking strength for improved handling and installed performance. Gyprock Plus provides 7.5% greater machine-direction breaking strength than the previous standard 10mm plasterboard and has improved production consistency. The Optimised Core technology has allowed the weight of Gyprock Plus to be optimised, making it easier to lift, carry and install.

Additionally, Gyprock Plus is lined with a superior face paper that is approximately 30% heavier than standard, contributing to the strength of the board, and producing a crisper score and snap experience for cleaner cuts and squarer edges.

Gyprock Plus is now available nationally through Gyprock distributors, excluding WA.