The new HomeStyle magazine from Gyprock is a great place to start if you are looking for ideas to create stylish interiors in your home.

Gyprock’s HomeStyle magazine is an impressive resource for creative concepts, encouraging homeowners to step away from the normal and add drama to their walls and ceilings. Space, light and clever building design elements can be combined to create a stylish look that is both practical and beautiful.

When building a new home or revamping the existing space, it is important to remember that walls and ceilings do not have to be flat. There are many ways to add visual interest to home interiors that create focal points, additional storage or privacy areas while retaining the spatial effect.

Light and airy

Visual interest can be created with varying ceiling heights, bulkheads and raked ceilings, offering practical ways to give direction to the free flow of an open plan space or to create a new look for an existing home. Raked ceilings that follow the line of the rafters provide a great sense of space, light and freedom. A coffered ceiling or bulkheads on the other hand, can add definition and a unique architectural dimension to a room. These ceilings are great for delineating space, particularly in modern open plan homes.

Niche market

Niches on the walls are a great way to showcase prized and personal possessions such as family photos, artworks or collectables. A niche is also great for a large screen television as it can cleverly conceal the nest of cables and provide a beautiful flush finish. Adding architectural depth, they also provide smart storage without consuming valuable floor space.

Secluded spaces

Nib and dwarf walls can create separations for additional privacy while maintaining a sense of space. Nib walls are short sections of wall that can be used for visual separation without losing the sense of spatial flow from one area to the other. Dwarf walls are ideal for adding privacy in bathrooms and bedrooms.

While home interiors are designed for the visual impact, it is also important to integrate practical aspects such as comfort and ease of maintenance into the plan. Gyprock plasterboard can help reduce noise transfer, resist knocks and bumps, and even protect against fire and moisture.

Gyprock has introduced an interactive room visualiser tool to help homeowners visualise how a new cornice would look in a variety of room styles with choice of wall colour, ceiling height and lighting.