CSR Gyprock has released a 10mm version of its 13mm Gyprock Impactchek impact-resistant plasterboard for the residential market, offering architects and builders a wider range of interior wall solutions.

Designed to extend the life of interior walls, Gyprock Impactchek 10mmm will provide walls in homes with better protection against everyday knocks. Suitable applications include high traffic areas such as stairwells, children’s play areas or where a more robust wall may be required. CSR Gyprock also believes the new plasterboard will also appeal to the government housing sector and the property investor looking for durability and lower maintenance costs.

As with the 13mm version, Impactchek 10mm is made from bonded fibreglass reinforced mesh, is violet coloured for easy identification and can be installed using standard plasterboard fasteners and fixing methods.

Source: Building Products News.