Gyprock offers inspirational ideas in its latest HomeStyle magazine for homeowners with a passion for outdoor entertaining but are pressed for outdoor space.

Outdoor entertaining is a great Australian tradition, and an important part of the local lifestyle. Lack of space need not be a constraint for those who love to entertain; with CSR Gyprock’s collection of creative ideas, homeowners can design great al fresco entertaining areas by incorporating the indoors with the great outdoors.

Gyprock in its latest HomeStyle magazine explains how to turn the existing living space into a stylish and functional indoor/outdoor setting like no other.

The outdoor room

Contemporary homes usually feature outdoor kitchens equipped with all the amenities of an indoor kitchen. Being more exposed to the elements, an outdoor kitchen needs to be robust for longevity and safety. Ambient humidity and heat from cooking appliances need to be managed carefully; when designing the al fresco living space, select Gyprock Fyrchek MR for walls and ceilings that are protected by eaves to get a seamless finish with a real indoor/outdoor feel.

Open plan

For homeowners who entertain frequently, HomeStyle recommends an open plan dining and kitchen area that leads onto a terrace with the seamless flow of the open concept living space allowing for easy entertaining from the kitchen right through to the outdoors.

Open plan design needs to ensure uninterrupted transitions between zones; HomeStyle advises kitchen design to be toned down without appearing fussy or over prominent. A Gyprock bulkhead around a kitchen area can reduce the visual impact of cabinetry on the space and make the kitchen appear recessed into the wall.

Gyprock HomeStyle offers great ideas, solutions and creative opportunities for Australian homeowners to think outside the box and channel their inner designer.