Superchek high density, recessed edge, environmentally friendly plasterboards, available from Gyprock , were recently certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA). Superchek offers combined protection and acoustic advantages to homeowners, builders and contractors, with the reassurance of being environmentally friendly.

GECA’s CEO Judy Hollingworth says, “GECA recognises several areas of environmental impact in certifying products against the Panel Boards Standard, including the efficient use of resources, the fitness for purpose of the product and the use of non-hazardous materials.”

“The accreditation of Superchek attests to Gyprock’s endeavour to keep up with the needs of the residential marketplace and is a further endorsement of CSR’s commitment to the environment and sustainable development options," adds Gyprock National Product Manager, Kylie Peterson.

Released in 2009, Gyprock Superchek environmentally friendly plasterboards are tough enough to provide a high level of resistance while improving the acoustic performance of a wall lining by 15% and noticeably reducing perceived loudness.

Superchek is specifically formulated with a heavy duty, high quality facing material, coating a denser core. The combination of these features provides resistance from damage and it requires impact with twice the force of standard plasterboard to leave an indent.

Gyprock continues to be committed to managing its impact on the environment and is consistently evolving its practices - including a focus on the production of sustainable building products.