Gyprock  Soundchek plasterboards and Ecophon ceiling tiles were installed in a Port Macquarie school recently to manage noise reverberation issues.  

Heritage Christian School in Port Macquarie recently added a new library to its campus and successfully avoided noise reverberation issues by installing Gyprock Soundchek plasterboards and Ecophon ceiling tiles at the construction stage.  

The new library was designed by building designer, George Watt & Associates (GW+A) and completed by Bax Builders Pty Ltd.  

Built through the Federal Government’s BER program, the new 375m² open plan library was designed for use by about 200 students from Kindergarten to Year 12. To prevent noise attenuation problems from the 4m high ceilings, the building design focused on minimising noise while also accommodating the different needs of students.

Heritage Christian School Librarian, Michele Deutschbein explains that they have three classes using the library at the same time in different ways, so it was important to ensure that noise from one class would not impact on other classes or students.

Key design requirements for the new library included:  

  • To be centrally located between the primary and secondary campuses
  • To accommodate students from Kindergarten to Year 12
  • To be flexible, allowing multiple use by students as individuals, small groups and structured classes
According to GW+A Interior Designer, Annabelle McQuillan, they designed an open space for multiple learning areas and good visual surveillance while also orientating operable glazing to achieve good solar access and ventilation.

Annabelle McQuillan explains that a local Gyprock Sales Representative introduced her to the combination of CSR Ecophon ceiling tiles and Gyprock Soundchek plasterboards as the ideal solution for the design of new schools or existing classrooms.  

While Ecophon is suitable for environments requiring superior acoustics, Gyprock Soundchek has excellent sound absorbing characteristics.  

Manufactured from high density glass wool, Ecophon wall and ceiling tiles exhibit excellent sound performance qualities. Ecophon ceiling tiles can be installed directly with screws and adhesive or as lay-in tiles into a ceiling grid.  

Ecophon also minimises loss of ceiling height when directly adhered to a set ceiling since a suspended ceiling grid is not required.  

Gyprock Soundchek plasterboards, available in 10mm or 13mm options feature a denser core for superior sound absorption, resulting in noise reduction of up to 75% between rooms.  

After researching the benefits, including a visit to a local café where Ecophon had been used effectively, GW+A decided to specify Ecophon ceiling tiles in conjunction with Gyprock Soundchek plasterboards.  

Approximately 350m² of Ecophon Focus A ceiling tiles were installed in an exposed 'T' section grid along with Gyprock Soundchek 10mm plaster boards for the internal walling.  

The new library building offers excellent acoustics and sound absorption characteristics, and has been well received by the teachers and students of the school. The library is a great example of room functionality, aesthetics and room acoustics coming together to create a positive learning environment.