Gyprock Soundchek™, Australia’s first acoustic plasterboard, is becoming an integral part of many home theatre constructions, thanks to its superior sound reduction advantages. The benefits of this specialty plasterboard are being showcased at Toombul Music, Queensland. The leading electronics retailer recently installed two Sound Lounges at its retail store in north Brisbane, featuring Gyprock Soundchek™ Level 2 wall systems to reduce noise transfer between rooms by up to 75%.

Developed by CSR Gyprock ®, Australia’s leading plasterboard manufacturer, Gyprock Soundchek™ is designed to stop or reduce the transfer of unwanted noise through walls and ceilings. Its super high-density construction and sound dampening characteristics mean it can cut noise ranging from loud conversation to television and music at high levels.

Gyprock Soundchek™ is manufactured to AS2588 – ‘Gypsum Plasterboard’ and is available in two levels. Level 1 includes two layers of Gyprock Soundchek™ plasterboard teamed with Bradford SoundScreen™ Insulation. This provides up to 50% reduction in noise carried between rooms. Level 2 features Gyprock® Resilient Mounts, which helps cut noise transmission by up to 75%.

CSR Gyprock® Residential Marketing Manager Geoff Stewart said Gyprock Soundchek™ has long been a winner in commercial projects and is now proving to be a clear leader for delivering sound reduction benefits across residential projects – particularly new homes. “We launched Gyprock Soundchek™ to the residential market early last year, and with the onset of advanced sound systems and movie theatres in many new homes, it has become extremely popular. Many builders are offering this wall system as a standard inclusion or part of an upgrade packages in their new home designs,” Stewart said.

Gyprock® Soundchek™ is machine made sheet composed of a high-density gypsum core encased in a heavy-duty linerboard. Long edges are recessed to assist in producing a smooth, even and continuous surface once jointed. The 1350mm wide board allows for increased efficiency in application.

Gyprock Soundchek™ is part of the Gyprock® High Performance range of wall and ceiling systems which are designed to deliver a range of lifestyle benefits, including reduced noise transfer between rooms, improved impact resistance, better protection against moisture damage, greater resistance against the spread of fire and improved interior aesthetics through a range of decorative cornices.

- Infolink Architectural Quarterly online. Please see BPN issue for full release.