A fire at a karaoke bar in Burwood, NSW caused only cosmetic damage to a neighbouring property thanks to the use of Gyprock Fyrchek plasterboard, which stood up to the flames.

The fire at the karaoke bar fully engulfed the brick building and threatened to spread to the adjoining residential boarding properties. The boarding properties had been built with CSR Gyprock Fyrchek plasterboard, which ultimately saved the building from the spread of fire and extensive fire damage.

Builders inspecting the property after the fire attributed the minimal damage to the use of Gyprock Fyrchek. Featuring a processed glass fibre-reinforced gypsum core, the product is specially designed for use in fire rated wall and ceiling systems as well as in applications requiring acoustic performance.

Michael Doueihi from Dynamic Project Management, the firm that constructed the boarding properties explained that they built them in accordance with fire regulations; the use of Fyrchek plasterboard saved lives, property and possessions, and proved its importance as a quality, fire resistant product.

Though most of the damage to the residential boarding properties was caused by smoke, heat and water from the fire hoses, some heat damage to sections of walls will require repairs to be done to ensure fire safety compliance. Rectification work is expected to take approximately two months before residents can move back into their apartments; however, the damage to the brick building at the karaoke bar will take much longer to repair.

Gyprock Commercial Segment Manager Antoine Veling comments that they are proud to see Fyrchek’s ability to prevent the spread and impact of the blaze, ensuring minimal damage and inconvenience to all affected. He also commended the builder for ensuring his plasterboard contractor followed CSR Gyprock’s installation guidelines.