One of Queensland’s newest and largest residential developments has selected the Gyprock Party Wall System from Gyprock due to its efficient installation process, superior acoustic performance and fire rating that meets Building Code requirements.

Recently completed, the Freshwater Creek Estate is located at Mango Hill, 30km north of Brisbane, and includes a 62 lot multi-residential development with 13 single storey duplex units and 49 two storey attached duplex units. This multi-residential development was designed to accommodate the growing Brisbane and south Queensland population.

Mariah Mackenzie, Director of Denmack Properties, said that with so many families in close proximity, ensuring a quality lifestyle and safe home were the determining factors in the selection of Gyprock Party Wall Systems.

“Gyprock Party Wall was an important consideration for the development because sound proofing and sound insulation as well as fire safety and building durability are top of mind for residents,” said Mariah.

“We’ve broken away from the more common block wall system in building partition walls because the Gyprock Party Wall System offered us the best balance between excellent acoustic and fire resistant performance, easy installation and design flexibility.

“It’s unlike other systems because it requires fewer tradesmen to install and is comparatively quick to put up, which decreases site costs and build time.

“The homes at Freshwater Creek Estate are also more creatively designed as the Gyprock Party Wall System allows electrical and plumbing services to run behind it, improving on the flexibility to place certain rooms of the house closer to each other,” said Mariah.

Gyprock party walls feature a 25mm fire barrier between double frame walls, and have a range of lining materials to suit living and wet areas.

The double wall framing enhances the impact isolation to meet often irregular construction requirements, while the cavity insulation and lining options meet or exceed the BCA minimum of Rw + Ctr 50. The arrangement also means that services can be installed in the party wall without the need for fire collars and sealants.

Peter Turnbull, Gyprock Manager, says that Denmack Properties also selected CSR’s party wall systems as they offer more room and floor space.

“The system incorporates 25mm centre barrier, between two 13mm Gyprock Soundchek walls, installed with 70mm studs,” said Peter. “This is an excellent thickness that gives more room and floor space without compromising fire or acoustic performance.

The 25mm fire barrier is installed at framing stage in the walls between dwellings, and the finish linings are installed as part of the normal plastering process,” said Peter.