Daniel Dotta is un up-and-coming premium plasterer and his company Featuroom has been honoured as the ‘People’s Choice’ winner in the recent Association of Wall and Ceiling Industries (AWCI) Awards held on the Gold Coast.

The AWCI hosts the Awards each year to recognise quality workmanship of members and non-members within the building and construction industry.

As the director of Featuroom, Daniel Dotta has a unique approach to all of his projects. He aims to modernise rooms without making any major structural alterations using his philosophy of developing focal points of a room such as lighting, space and colour in order to greatly improve aesthetic appeal.

“Featuroom is a new direction, which incorporates modern design elements of architecture,” says Daniel. “We try to push the boundaries of using plasterboard and lightweight construction in order to bring modern design into the residential house.”

 Daniel uses products from plasterboard manufacturer CSR Gyprock in many of his projects, including the specifically designed Gyprock flexible plasterboard curved wall and ceiling systems.

“In the Cloudland project we used a lot of Gyprock Flexible Plasterboard. There were a lot of curves, parabolic arches, domes and circular work which isn’t really supplied by other brands,” commented Daniel.

Daniel has years of experience in the plasterboard industry and hopes that manufacturing companies follow Gyprock’s approach with the eco-friendly processes incorporated into their products.

Gyprock’s EC08 plasterboard range has been certified by Good Environmental Choice Australia (GECA) and has some of the highest levels of recycled content found in Gyprock’s list of fire grade and standard plasterboard products.

“We’d like to adopt an eco-option as products develop, especially the use of EC08 in interior set outs as a method of recycling materials,” says Daniel.

Rather than adding to the growing waste problem, Gyprock EC08 plasterboard can be recycled, which is an important factor in gaining the GECA certification.

Gyprock Commercial Marketing Manager, Rob Ferrari said: “Recently, we have observed increasing interest from designers and specifiers who are eager to improve the sustainability of their developments.”

“This is an influential direction for the industry to be taking and is also positive news for the environment.

“At Gyprock, we pride ourselves on keeping up with the needs of the marketplace and pioneering the way with latest building practices,” said Rob.