CSR Gyprock’s Decorative Cornices are an inexpensive way to add a big impact to the interior ambience of homes, providing a sophisticated finish at the junction of walls and ceilings.

Architects, designers and builders can add a sense of height, space and detail to rooms, while enhancing a home’s overall design theme.

“Decorative Cornices are growing in popularity,” says Geoff Stewart, marketing manager - residential, CSR Gyprock. “They have a big impact on the feel of the interior and can actually reduce construction costs. Most plaster lining contractors will charge more for “square set” (or having no cornice), as installation of the walls and ceilings is more difficult than when using cornice.”

Gyprock Symphony cornice style adds a touch of elegance to a room, combining classic design with a modern architectural profile.

Gyprock Decorative Cornices cut construction time and costs for builders and renovators. The alternative to cornices is usually to ‘square set’ or apply a plaster joint to the intersection between the walls and ceilings. This can cost hundreds of dollars more per home, as the boards need to be cut accurately to fit exactly into the corners of rooms that are often not ‘square’.

Gyprock Decorative Cornices hold a line well, even when the walls are not completely flat. They are also less likely than ‘square set’ to crack under normal movement of trusses under wind load pressures or due to frame movement.

Gyprock offers five cornice profiles, which suit every building style. They are Jazz, with a three step profile and symmetrical lines and angles; Symphony, a modern architectural finish with flowing European lines; Tempo with strong, sharp lines and dramatic multiple shadow-line effects; Concerto with smooth curves and sharp lines with a subtle centre ‘step’; and Classic, a subtle architectural profile.

Gyprock cornices can be used on plasterboard, fibrous plaster or cement rendered surfaces. The cornice is composed of gypsum plaster encased in a strong linerboard.

Source : Building Product News