CSR Gyprock has added a new profile, Duo to its range of decorative cornices. Duo joins Presto as one of two new profiles in the CSR Gyprock range.

Duo cornice profiles feature a striking two-step design with a simple, strong outlook combined with modern lines that deliver a short, sharp statement. The geometric simplicity of the Duo cornice profile merges modern design elements with elegantly finished edges to align with interior trends that blend traditional and contemporary styles.

The double edged profile creates depth and interest in a room with a width spanning 50mm, and works especially well with the fresh decor and sleek interior finishes favoured by modern homes.

Duo cornice profiles are quick to cut and fast to install, making them a cost-effective way to give the ceiling a clean, modern finish and add character to a plain room.

Developed to meet modern interior design needs, CSR Gyprock offers a range of cornice profiles to suit modern and contemporary design trends.

Comprehensive installation instructions including residential installation guidelines as well as DIY installation guides and videos can be found on the Gyprock website under the Resources tab.

Style Tip

Duo cornice works in harmony with its 'big brother' cornice profile, Gyprock Trio. While the Duo delivers a short and sharp statement, Trio balances both classic and contemporary elements with its dramatic three-step profile. Trio cornice complements the two-stepped profile of Duo by adding an element of clever design contrast, making both styles perfect inclusions to an ultra-modern space.