If you want the most up to date technical literature and you are sick of manuals cluttering your desk then CSR has the answer. The latest technical literature from CSR Gyprock and Cemintel is now available on CD.

A new compact disk is available containing updated technical manuals for all Gyprock, Cemintel Fibre Cement and Ecophon products and systems.

The updated CD contains 31 technical manuals, consisting of 16 plasterboard manuals, 13 fibre cement manuals and two acoustic ceiling manuals. This is equivalent to three ring binders, so offers considerable savings in desk or shelf space.

The latest data required to specify your system or project, changes in codes and building practices will now be immediately available at your fingertips. The new CD also offers users the convenient and accurate function of providing a look up link to the appropriate CSR website. This link will quickly take you to the corresponding page on the CSR website to ensure you have the latest version of the literature keeping you and your team ahead of the game.

For designers, architects and specifiers, the main plasterboard manuals are the Red Book Fire & Acoustic Design Guide, Gyprock SecurityWall, and Party Wall Intertennancy Systems. Key Fibre Cement manuals include ExpressWall facades, Rendaline Commercial (flush jointed facades), Texture Base Sheet (now including the Cemintel Texture Coating System) and Compressed Sheet Decking Systems.

The CD also includes all the technical information needed to install plasterboard and fibre cement in all residential and commercial applications.

Several of the manuals, including Shaft Systems, Commercial ExpressWall Façade, External Cladding and Eaves Lining, Texture Base Sheet, Compressed Sheet and Decking Systems have been updated from earlier versions so you have the latest information at your fingertips.

The manuals are in PDF format and come complete with associated CAD drawing files and web site links, to allow easy updates for new editions.