As housing trends are towards clean, sleek lines, CSR has developed Gyprock Recessed Edge/Square Edge (RE/SE), to help builders achieve this look in a more cost effective way.

Standard plasterboard is recessed on both edges. With the narrower skirtings and cornices that designers often want to produce a cleaner, more spacious look, this can create a problem with exposed recesses.

Gyprock RE/SE is a new wider board with a recessed edge on one side for smooth, continuous jointed surfaces and a square edge on the other for a closer fit to ceiling and floor, with no risk of exposed recesses near cornices or skirtings.

Gyprock RE/SE can be used for narrower skirtings and ShadowSet applications, new in architectural fashion.

Gyprock RE/SE provides a better edge for contemporary cornices as there is no risk of recess showing with Gyprock RE/SE.

The reaction to CSR Gyprock RE/SE board has been positive with many builders and contractors welcoming the product.

“We like the new RE/SE board and we use it wherever we can.” says David Morabito, Director of the Morabito Wall lining company.

“The new product saves time and effort. In the old days, we had to get down on our hands and knees and set out the recess, or just pray that the builder would have larger skirting that would cover it. But we now go with the RE/SE board and that has removed the problem.”

Another advantage of Gyprock RE/SE is that it can provide cost savings of up to $200 per house, as narrower skirtings are less expensive. There is also less risk of call backs due to exposed recesses.

For most homes with typical frame heights, there is only one horizontal joint, with no need for recesses on both sides. Gyprock RE/SE retails at the same price as standard plasterboard, so the changeover is painless.

Gyprock RE/SE helps builders create the current housing trend of a more modern finish by eliminating the problem of exposed recesses.