CSR Edmonds  manufactures and supplies a wide range of industrial ventilation products. The ‘Hurricane’ turbine ventilator is the most important offering from CSR Edmonds by way of industrial ventilators. The Hurricane is stated to be the world’s most efficient industrial ventilator. CSR Edmonds states that the Hurricane is the first product to incorporate the vertical vane design, as against the traditional spherical vane design ventilators.

The Hurricane from CSR Edmonds is a wind driven ventilator which can exhaust stale air from buildings and replace it with fresh air at ambient temperature, at a low level. This results in a healthier and more pleasant work environment. The Hurricane from CSR Edmonds provides a cost effective and efficient system of natural ventilation. The Hurricane from CSR Edmonds is Australia designed and made, and is ideal for use in commercial and industrial buildings and other community buildings, such as schools.

The other industrial ventilation products from CSR Edmonds are variants of the Hurricane, such as fire rated, tall vane, titanium and the heavy industrial Hurricane; static vents; egg crates, ducts and manual and electric dampers.