Soundstop Alusealed is a pre-finished all aluminium cavity slider with aluminium jambs designed for the wall linings to be placed behind the jamb.

Soundstop Alusealed cavity sliders, available from CS Cavity Sliders , are finished with natural anodised or powdercoated aluminium jambs that are suited to wall linings of 13mm. Pin board wall linings for additional classroom display areas are recommended by CS Cavity Sliders.

Soundstop Alusealed cavity sliders are manufactured for 90mm studwork, and are supplied complete with:

  • Acoustic door panel
  • Acoustic tiles placed between the nog sections for additional wall sound protection
  • Under door brush seal for limiting air flow under the door, specially designed air lock bar for the back of the door
  • Brush seals inserted into the jamb detail,
  • Carriages
  • Mounting plates
  • Aluminium track
  • Pre-manufactured pocket
These cavity sliders can be manufactured for doors that measure up to 2.4m high and 2.4m wide. This door hardware can also be incorporated with the bi-parting detail to provide a clear opening of up to 4.7m. The extruded aluminium sliding door tracks are designed to accommodate the unique quick release carriage and mounting plate systems and can handle door weights up to 250kgs.

The Alulite door panel is best suited to the Soundstop cavity slider as it is available in a whiteboard powdercoat finish, enabling the door to be used as additional teaching space.
CS Cavity Sliders produce a wide range of sliding door systems including Timberformed, Frameless Glass, Overtaking and disabled access sliders.