CS Cavity Sliders  Timberformed is an aluminium cavity slider with timber jambs designed for architraves, square setting or shadow lines.

Timberformed cavity sliders are finished with timber jambs and are suited to wall linings measuring either 10mm or 13mm. Custom jambs can also be supplied to suit wider wall linings, or the jambs can be completely removed to allow the builder to adjust the wall thickness.

Timberformed cavity sliders are supplied ready for 90mm studwork and with come complete with carriages, mounting plates, aluminium track and pre manufactured pocket. The sliders are available with or without a closing jamb.

Timberformed cavity sliders can be manufactured up to 2.7m high and 3.5m wide. The extrude aluminium track has been designed to accommodate CS Cavity Sliders’ unique quick release carriage and mounting plate system, and allows for door weights of up to 250kgs.

A wide range of sliding door systems are available from CS Cavity Sliders including Alusealed, FramesGlass, overtaking and disabled access sliders. For a superior sliding experience aluminium door leaves are recommended.