CS ForDoors manufactured by CS Cavity Sliders is an innovative range of aluminium, glass and specialised door systems custom-manufactured to suit modern design requirements.  

CS AluTec is a specialised range of aluminium doors presented with a streamlined finish and constructed to withstand tough environmental conditions. Featuring a modern, minimalist design, the versatile aluminium doors do not incorporate visible edge clashings or fastenings.  

CS AluTec aluminium doors are suitable for installation in homes, boardrooms, healthcare environments, public toilets or lifts and also function well as security doors, large room dividers and pivot doors. These doors can be installed in indoor or outdoor environments.  

CS AluTec aluminium doors are available in a range of colours and finish options to suit specific requirements.

Key features of CS AluTec aluminium doors: 

  • Constructed entirely of aluminium for strength and reliability 
  • Ideal for oversized doors in extreme environments 
  • All fasteners used are either zinc coated steel or aluminium 
  • Fasteners are not visible on the finished product 
  • Modern design suits both interior and exterior applications 
  • CaviLock hardware can be factory fitted prior to delivery, ensuring a perfect fit every time 
  • Easy to clean and maintain 
  • Streamlined finish with no visible edge clashings 
  • Quick release mounting plates are recessed flush with the top edge of the door 
  • Streamlined square flush edge finish 
  • Aluminium U-Guide is incorporated into the bottom of the door for smooth operation 
  • 5-year manufacturer’s guarantee 
Colours and finish options: 
  • Mill finish with no top coat applied to the raw aluminium, allowing a final prep and finish onsite 
  • Powder coated aluminium in a wide range of powder coat colours including anti-graffiti finish 
  • Powder coated primer for a more ‘textured’ look and feel