Crowd Master  provides tension barrier retractable tape crowd control systems. These systems offer direction to crowds and pedestrian traffic. Crowd Master Metal has a simple design which enables the product to be used in any crowd gathering location. These retractable tapes are fitted with Secura clips which prevent the unauthorised removal of these tapes from their position.

Barrier systems offered by Crowd Master are designed for flexibility of operation and can be installed very easily and quickly. Metal posts are available in different finishes such as bright polished stainless steel, matt satin stainless steel and black powder coated steel. These metal posts can also be powder coated to suit specific needs. Barrier systems can also be hired from Crowd Master. Retractable tapes are available in red, dark blue, black and yellow and arte about 2.2m in length.

Barrier systems from Crowd Master have several features such as a base made of non rusting, filled plastic which is ideal for different floor types. These can be used in a various locations such as sporting arenas, hotels, railway stations, airports, shops, markets, theatres, exhibition halls, factories and many other places. Crowd Master provides various other products like chrome plated sign holders, ticket frames, fix to wall units, wall clips, rope barriers and skipper barriers. Skipper barriers have been recently introduced by Crowd Master and can be used to provide a solution for safety enclosures.