The Niagara sliding track system for sliding doors has successfully outperformed recent lab tests for weight, force and endurance.

Force testing results are a helpful reference in light of the Access and Mobility Code (AS1428.1-2009 page 64), which states a maximum of 20 Newtons force is required. The Niagara sliding track system outperformed the lab tests by exceeding 12,000 cycles with 250 kilograms and showing little evidence of wear. 

The Niagara sliding door system features a removable pelmet, ensuring easy access to rollers. The aluminium comes in a vast array of prefinished colours and a neat fitting end cap.

The heavy duty track system is one of the most reliable and hardwearing systems available, and is used extensively throughout corporate fitouts because of its ability to accommodate a range of doors. Niagara’s roller assembly boasts smooth, ball bearing wheels that can take up to 250kg. 

Key features of the Niagara sliding track system include removable pelmet for easy access to roller assemblies; end cap for neat finish; capacity of up to 250kg; smooth and reliable performance; easy installation; choice of prefinished colours; and suitable for door thickness of 44mm.

Niagara sliding track system is available from Criterion Industries .