The Niagara sliding track system from Criterion Industries was recently tested for weight, force and endurance.

Force testing results provide a useful reference for meeting the requirements of the Access and Mobility Code (AS1428.1-2009 page 64), which states that a maximum of 20 Newtons (N) force is required.

The Niagara sliding track system outperformed recent lab tests by exceeding 12,000 cycles with a 250kg door. At the end of the test, the sliding track system showed little evidence of wear.

Force testing on a range of door weights presented the following results for operating a door on a Niagara sliding track system: 13.1N was required to operate a 50kg door, 16.45N for a 75kg door, 19.5N for a 100kg door; 21N for a 125kg door; 22.5N for a 150kg door; 27.43N for a 180kg door; and 37.8N for a 250kg door.