Criterion Industries recently introduced the innovative Platinum 90 glass office partitions, incorporating custom studs with durable plasterboard.

These suites are available in 3 interchangeable glazing options:

  • Centre glazed is most commonly used
  • Offest glazed creates an expansive sensation, and provides practical benefits such as the ability to incorporate blinds within the frame to increase privacy
  • Double glazed provides acoustic benefits for locations where sound reduction is importany

Aditionally, 2 plasterboard options are available:

  • 64mm studs with a single skin of 14mm plasterboard on either side of the stud
  • 51mm studs with a double skin of 13mm plasterboard on one side of the stud and a single skin on the other

Key features and benefits of the Platinum 90 glass office partitions include:

  • High quality acoustic performance
  • Glazing pocket incorporates 6mm to 10mm glass
  • Door stop options allow for 35mm or 44mm doors
  • Glazing pocket accepts either a captive wedge or silicone glazing options