Criterion  provides a wide gamut of furniture for office environments, which include desks such as Rap, Fusion, Toro, Manhattan, Universal storage, Delta, Concorde office and Straightline.

Fusion desk comprises of 25mm top and side panels that have a grey finish. Fusion range of desks can be obtained in offices across Australia.

Fusion 1800 desk has a warranty period of five years and can be obtained in flexible combinations. The edges and back of the desk are known to be resistant to any impact. Fusion 1800 desk are constructed according to ISO9001 procedures. Fusion 1800 can be obtained in natural and beech colours.

RAP 1500 Right Workstation from Criterion has laminates that possess heat and scratch resistant properties. RAP 1500 is contoured to provide comfort to provide the user with comfort. RAP 1500 has wrap-around comfort. RAP 1500 is known to follow the VDU Code. Straightline office Return from Criterion consists of durable laminate and a comparatively large desk top with curved edges.

Delta Workstation from Criterion consists of membrane tops and wrap-around desking with round corners and edges and keyboard height that can be adjusted. The desk space is known to be sufficient for various telecommunication roles.

Workzone from Criterion comprises of storage systems and furniture for various working environments. Workzone OD442LN consists of cable management facilities with flec blue base or flec slate that can be adjusted and a durable laminate. The height of OD442LN can be adjusted using flexi foot option.