Criterion  headquartered in New Zealand and provides living room furniture, entertainment units, computer desk and office furniture. Criterion’s living furniture includes bookcases, Metro and Modena.

Short Bookcase WB920 is known to be best suited for files, ornaments and books. Bookcase WB20 is known to be resistant from scratches. Additional racks can also be obtained. Tall Bookcase WB940 consists of racks that can be adjusted. Tall Bookcase WB940 can be obtained in various colours such as pear, beech, natural etc.

Criterion provides various models of Metro for living rooms. Model EH965 comprises of open shelf constructed to fit a wide screen or a plasma television. Model EH965 has safety glass shelves that can be adjusted. Model EH965 consists of prop drawer for storage of multi-media.

Modena Table lamp from Criterion is given a lacquer paint finish that is known to be resistant to ultraviolet radiation. Modena Table lamps are constructed in New Zealand. Modena Table lamp consists of safety glass top which is 6mm.

Criterion provides computer desks and workstation according to individual requirements.
Tower computer desk from Criterion consists of membrane top and tower storage with an oak finish. The desk consists of drawer and a file storage option.