Criterion  provides wide gamut of entertainment furniture, which includes plasma entertainment unit, Synergy entertainment centre, TV stands, trolley, Ultima entertainment unit and the Edge entertainment centre.

The Edge entertainment unit from Criterion is made for flat panel television units. The Edge entertainment unit consists of painted glass top, full back panel and ports for cable. The Edge can accommodate large LCD television and plasma television. The Edge can be obtained in black or white colour.

Criterion offers variety of trolleys and television stands. Shadow 1200 entertainment unit consists of 4mm glass top with tinted glass doors that are known to provide protection to the electronic items and aluminium hinges. The lacquer finish panel is regarded to be fade resistant.

Ultima entertainment centres consists of curved side panels and front. Ultima 900 entertainment unit has a black finish to suit televisions with flat panel and safety glass shelf, which is frosted and toughened. Full back panel enables the wiring to hidden. The carpet glides are known to enable movement.

Synergy entertainment unit from Criterion is designed to fit flat screen television.  Plasma entertainment unit consists of curved lines known to be suitable for contemporary houses. Plasma 1200 television stand consists of open shelf to fit a wide-screen or plasma television and also provides cable management. The silver laminate of Plasma 1200 is known to be a maximum of 300% thicker than the normal laminate.