Australians are increasingly embracing smart technology in their homes with at least 19 per cent of all Australian homes having some form of smart connected devices in use. This means almost one in five homes has adopted this game-changing technology.

Home security is one of the top areas where smart technology is effectively delivering results. Smart devices are at work in a number of applications from monitoring the home remotely to securing a door with digital code access. There are many new ways to help secure your home against potential intruders and protect loved ones as well as your assets. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular products.

Home assistants

Home assistant devices such as Google Home or Amazon Echo are very popular in the residential segment; these devices are being adopted at an extremely fast pace with estimates that 23 per cent of the US adult population have one in their home.

Home assistants are essentially voice-controlled speakers that you can use to carry out a number of tasks from checking the weather, setting an alarm and getting reminders to creating shopping lists and listening to your favourite music – all from a simple voice command. They also function as smart home automation hubs connecting other smart devices, and allowing you to control the security system, lights or internal temperature among others, using voice commands.

Smart locks

A smart lock is an essential element of a smart home. By eliminating the need to carry a physical key, a smart lock gives you complete flexibility when it comes to accessing your house as well as monitoring who is coming in or going out.

Crimsafe Security Systems has combined the benefits of smart locking with the strength and security of their mesh screen doors in a new product called Crimsafe iQ. Cutting edge smart technology integrated with the sleek design of a Crimsafe screen door gives you security and flexibility in the palm of your hand. iQ-e offers a range of electronic locking functions including Bluetooth, keyfob, PIN code and programmable features via your smartphone.


One of Australia’s most adopted smart technologies, lighting control is offered by many leading brands through their connected light bulbs. A number of lighting systems can connect directly to your phone without the need for a central hub. Smart lighting control capabilities can range from basic on/off and dimming functions to setting specific colours to match the mood and even more.

Smart lighting helps make your home energy efficient but it also serves as a key component of your home security system. Instead of leaving lights on or setting a wall plug timer to switch on the lighting in your home during your absence, you can now use your phone to control the lighting remotely, which serves as a serious deterrent for intruders looking to enter unoccupied homes.

Security cameras

Smart security cameras ensure you have peace of mind round the clock when it comes to protecting your home against intruders. Smart cameras offer a wide range of features including facial recognition and two-way conversation. When connected to your phone, you can view the happenings in and around your home regardless of your location. Typically, cameras will record and livestream 24/7, and send you notifications if any movement is detected.

Garage door controller

How many times have you wondered whether you closed the garage door at home after travelling several miles? Being forgetful about your garage door can become a major security threat to your home as it provides an entry point for burglars and intruders. Even cars can be stolen from open garages.

A smart garage controller will help you banish any doubts you may have about open garage doors when you are away from home. You can simply connect it to your garage opener and control it remotely using your smartphone, tablet or computer. A smart garage door controller connected to your phone allows you to secure your garage and home even when you are away.