Crimsafe Security Systems is well-known across Australia for their screen solutions. However, many people don’t realise the broad range of safety and comfort advantages that come with Crimsafe’s screens. From securing homes against intruders – both human and pest – to providing protection against storms, cyclones and bushfires, Crimsafe offers a versatile range of screen systems that are ‘built tough for a tough country’.

Home security

Crimsafe security screens are designed to deter intruders unlike other products in the market that make similar claims. Thanks to better designs, higher quality materials, and a wealth of patented technologies, Crimsafe security screens are the go-to security solution for Aussie families seeking proven and assured protection for their home spaces.

Insect barrier

Crimsafe has been keeping winged intruders out of Australian homes for several years now. From mosquitoes and flies to various other creepy crawlies, Crimsafe’s insect screens deliver effective protection by keeping them out of your living space. Crimsafe screens can prevent 99% of mosquitos from entering over a 72-hour period. Unlike flimsy flyscreens, Crimsafe’s performance comes from the use of high-grade Tensile-Tuff mesh.

Storm and cyclone protection

Protect your home against weather extremes by installing Crimsafe screens on your windows and doors. A proven storm-stopper, Crimsafe screens can protect your home against hail and wind-borne debris. Speciality cyclone-debris protection products are also available, capable of standing up to projectiles from wind gusts up to 392kph. Thanks to the superior strength of Tensile-Tuff mesh combined with Crimsafe’s unique Screw-Clamp technology, you can keep your family safe and secure, regardless of the stormy weather outside.

Fire attenuation

Crimsafe security screens are tested to meet the highest levels in bushfire protection (BAL FZ accreditation). Crimsafe’s screens provide excellent protection against ember attack, reduce radiant heat and protect glass from the impact of burning debris. In desperate times, the superior features of Crimsafe could make a lifesaving difference.

Fresh airflow

There’s nothing like fresh air to keep the home environment healthy and full of life. With Crimsafe’s screens, you can safely keep your doors and windows open to capture breezes and refresh the air without worrying about the security aspect. Crimsafe screens can also improve the energy efficiency of a window by up to 53%; by installing these screens throughout your home, you can achieve substantial savings through reduced energy consumption.