With a sophisticated and distinguished finish the Ultimate lineal drain from Creative Drain Solutions is designed to enhance the decor of any bathroom. The Ultimate is characterised by a stainless steel border on either side of the grate, which is ideal for use with glass panels.

Creative Drain Solutions use only high grade 316 stainless steel to make both the grate and the channel. The Ultimate, tile to tile arrangement is favourable for those who prefer a more open bathroom with just a partial shower screen.

Manufactured with stainless steel waterproofing flanges to make waterproofing easy the Ultimate from Creative Drain Solutions comes with built in fall and can be plumbed to trap or to puddle flange.

The Ultimate is custom made to size and is offered in matt, brushed and polished finishes. The Ultimate is available in the following types of drain arrangement with optional glass inserts:

THE TILE TO TILE - The drain runs between two walls and allows floor finishes on either side of the grate. Glass can be positioned on the fixed edge of drain.

THE WALL TO TILE - The drain runs along a wall, and between a wall and a shower screen or tile.

THE WALL TO WALL - The drain runs along a wall, and between two walls.

THE FLOOR TO TILE - The drain generally runs between two walls, and has a tile finish on one side of the grate, and a timber or alternate finish on the other side of the grate.

THE CORNER DRAIN - The corner drain "L" shaped drain has tiles on either side of the drain and has walls at both ends of the "L", and can be used with shower curtains or shower screens. This style is highly practical for disabled access bathrooms.