Creative Drain Solutions  is currently showcasing their sub-sill drains at DesignBUILD in Melbourne. The sub-sill drain is specifically designed to overcome common problems faced by builders when implementing architectural designs.

The sub-sill drain removes the common problem where a balcony floor cannot sit flush to the internal floor as the door needs to be raised to allow for drainage.

Sub-sill drains from Creative Drain Solutions enable the interior and exterior floors to sit flush and seamless as the drain is incorporated into the base of the door. The sub-sill drain sits below the floor surface, meaning that the drain is actually hidden.

Water is collected from the door and dropped into the drain via a channel. The slots in the channel are specifically designed to allow water to drain into the lower section of the tank. This prevents the water from being pressurised internally.

These sub-sill drains are ideal for alfresco dining areas as they create a seamless indoor/outdoor area. The sub-sill drains offer OH&S advantages are they provide easy access for wheelchairs and pedestrians without a trip hazard.

The hidden drain is one of the unique design available from Creative Drain Solutions.