The Sea Scoopa marine rescue device by Creative Covers & Awnings Pty Ltd has won an award at the Powerhouse Museum Selection 2012.

The Sea Scoopa was developed by Richard Dooley, the Creative Covers & Awnings team and the inventor, Dr Robert Wright as a marine rescue device designed to rescue a man overboard (MOB).

The Sea Scoopa marine rescue device is designed to rescue an MOB with minimum crew, and without causing any injury to the person or the rescuer. Additionally, the rescuer need not be strong to retrieve the MOB.

The Sea Scoopa is also being used to retrieve dead bodies from water in their entirety.

While awarding product innovations, the Museum considers factors such as excellence in design, innovation and the potential of products to improve the environment, health or wellbeing. The selected products are displayed in the 2012 Australian International Design Awards exhibition at the Powerhouse Museum.

Creative Covers & Awnings specialises in custom designing covers and awnings to suit individual requirements across a range of applications and industries, including commercial shade cloth, café barriers, and even boating.