Creative Canvas  is a manufacturer of diverse range of roofing solutions for residential as well as industrial applications, where shade is required.

Creative Canvas manufactures awnings, shade sails, restaurant and patio enclosures, umbrellas, blinds, cafe barriers, car ports and privacy screens. These quality products of Creative Canvas are available in the domestic and commercial markets in Sydney, Australia.

Products from Creative Canvas are available in different styles and forms in order to suit customer tastes and preferences.

Shade sails supplied by Creative Canvas provide innovative solutions for protection against heat, UV rays and rain.

Shade sails offered by Creative Canvas are fixed to existing surfaces with the help of supporting poles. Other distinctive installation techniques are also made use of by Creatine Canvas to suit changing customer requirements.

Creative Canvas manufactures and supplies awnings in different colours and of different types in order to meet specific requirements of customers. The umbrellas, privacy screens, patio enclosures and blinds supplied by Creative Canvas are quality products, which come in different varieties and present a comprehensive collection for customers to choose from.