Stone fireplaces provide an instant focal point in the home and it is a designer’s tough job to find a material for the fireplace which serves as good reference point for other complimentary fixtures.

Those living in Brisbane looking for the perfect material to utilise for their fireplace might consider stone cladding from CraftStone Australia for their stone fireplace. There are a large number of retail outlets in Brisbane where stone cladding from CraftStone is stocked.

CraftStone stone veneer perfectly imitates the look and feel of natural stone, capturing every minute detail down to the grooves, ridges, and bumps. Each stone block is molded from a plethora of sundry molds, creating the feel and look of original, natural stone blocks that are completely void of the linear, rhythmic look that artificial stone blocks are known to produce.
With the variety of artificial stone cladding choices, stone fireplaces will scream style and beauty.

Artificial stone made from light concrete brings an assortment of advantages that real stone could never offer. CraftStone stone cladding is incredibly flexible, offering a diverse selection of textures and colours depending on individual requirements.

The concrete used in CraftStone is incredibly light, completely eliminating the need for wall ties or additional footings.

Building a stone fireplace with CraftStone stone cladding will help to cut the cost without compromising on quality. Stone cladding from CraftStone is an ideal choice for beauty and sophistication.

Information on CraftStone stone cladding stockists in Brisbane is available from CraftStone Australia.