Stone supply company CraftStone Australia can help customers choose the right stone finish for custom stone fireplaces.

Whether it’s a modern fireplace design, country fireplace design, contemporary fire design or just ideas on renovating an existing fireplace, CraftStone have numerous tips and options.

Craft Stone have stone finishes for fireplaces such as:

  • Quarry Stone (random stone)
  • Mountain Ledgestone (used to achieve a dry stone look)
  • Stacked Ledgestone (used for a contemporary fireplace); and
  • Vintage Ledgestone (simple DIY application)
All these stone products can be fitted to a new or existing fireplace with minimal work involved.

The stone cladding is applied to either brick work, fibre cement sheet (such as blueboard) or to any rigid masonry substrate by using a mortar mix.

Further information on stone fireplaces can be obtained from CraftStone Australia.