Throughout Australia, fake rock walls have become a fashionable choice for architects and designers thanks to their practicality.

Fake rock walls are cost effective and easier to craft than traditional stone, and because of their synthetic make up, can follow a preferred shape, size, and color. They are also lighter and therefore easier to handle.

Like real stone walls, fake rock walls are also fireproof, termite proof, and erosion proof, lasting for decades with minimal maintenance.

CraftStone  provides a wide range of stone cladding including:

  • Vintage Ledgestone
  • Mountain Ledgestone
  • Classical Ledgestone
  • Quarry Ledgestone, and
  • European Castlestone
Due to its lightweight quality, CraftStone fake rock walls are being used to cover a home’s outside walls and fireplaces, achieving the look of natural stone.

One of the most fashionable pieces is the Stacked Ledgestone fireplace that combines natural tones that can be accented with contemporary pieces like flat screen TV and gas powered fireplace.

Quarry cladding stones also offer a natural look as if it was made from stones fresh from the quarry. They are created using lightweight concrete and are cast using molding stones in numerous different molds to ensure there is little or no repetition in the replica stone cladding.

Vintage Ledgestone is also very popular and is CraftStone’s flagship stone cladding product. It is sold in packs ranging in size from 100mm to 500m, and the varying lengths of the stack stones is the key to providing a unique uneven surface to walls, fireplaces, and pillars.